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Become Our Patient, Become Part of Our Family

One of our guiding philosophies at India Hook Dental Care is that to be a true family dentistry practice, we should treat you like a member of our extended family. Not only do we get to find out about and influence the health of your mouth, but we spend time getting to know all about you, too! We celebrate with our patients when they have great news, and share our concern when they are troubled. If you want to be more than a number on a chart, we are the dentist for everyone in your household!

Think Root Canals Are a Pain? Not Anymore!

The tried-and-true belief that root canals are painful is actually inaccurate. Root canals are a comfortable way to save a tooth if it has become infected. At our dental office, we routinely conduct root canal procedures to reduce the discomfort associated with infections and restore the tooth back to a healthy function and appearance.

Our preventative dentistry services available at India Hook Dental Care

Routine CleaningsGuidelines recommend that every patient get six-month check-ups. These check-ups provide thorough cleanings and an oral pathology exam to check for potentially pre-cancerous or cancerous cells, lesions or growths. Digital x-rays may also be taken, if needed.
Pediatric DentistryYounger patients enjoy working with Dr. Jennifer Houck, Dr. Lauren Smith, Dr. Heather Johnson and the rest of the team. We make coming to the dentist fun, interesting and comfortable. When kids are introduced to dental care early, they tend to take better care of their teeth throughout their lifetimes.
Tooth ReimplantationIf you require a tooth reimplantation, our dentists have the training to carefully engage in this procedure. It is important to save natural teeth whenever we can.
TMJ TreatmentThose who suffer from TMJ pain may find relief through the help of proven dental procedures and devices. Talk to us today about your TMJ treatment.
BruxismBruxism, or tooth grinding, can damage the teeth over time. We can help assist in creating a plan to reduce this behavior.
Emergency Dental CareDental emergencies cannot be planned. If you have a sudden need for a dentist, just call us.

A Wide Range of Family Dentistry Services

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Enjoy a New Type of Denture Solution for Today’s Active Lifestyle

Are you in need of dentures? Full or partial dentures can be a practical way to restore the way your mouth looks, as well as what you can eat, how you speak and how confident you feel. The dentures that we provide at India Hook Dental Care are natural-looking and sturdy, geared to give the impression of natural teeth. With proper care, they can serve you for years and years, and no one will be able to tell that you have them in place!

Find the Rock Hill, SC, family dentistry practice that is right for you and everyone in your home!

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"Very Professional and caring service. I have been a patient for several years now. Every time I need help, the staff here is very quick and understanding of my needs. I really love how the technique is always painless for me. The doctors here are the best and are surrounded by a great staff." -Danny P.
"My wife and I have had the most safe, positive, pleasurable care at India Hook Dental Care. Not only are the doctors very caring and professional, but their staff also has the greatest demeanor and professional treatment of clients. We will recommend India Hook Dental Care to all our friends and acquaintances, especially those with children and there first time experience visiting a dentist." -Tony S.
"The BEST dentistry EVER! From the moment you walk in you are greeted with beautiful smiles and wonderful attitudes! I look forward to all my dental appointments because of the positive family atmosphere!!! I would definitely recommend this business to any and everybody!" -Toni H.
"Great Dental Practice. This office provides excellent dental service. The staff is very professional and friendly. They also offer hours that accommodate my schedule. I had an early appointment, and did not have much time before needing to go to work. They understood and value my time, and I was able to get to my job on time." -Tim D.
"I was very impressed with my first visit. Everything was explained in detail to me. I was comfortable and at ease with the friendly staff. I am happy that I was referred to India Hook and will refer others as well. Even though it's about 45 minutes away from where I live, it's worth the trip. I look forward to my next visit." -Kadian D.
"Coming into this office is more than "coming to the dentist". It is like walking into a family member's home whom you haven't seen for a while." -Lynne T.