Get the Advantages of Laser Dentistry at India Hook Dental Care


Does your dentist in Rock Hill, SC, have expertise with laser gum surgery and other laser dentistry techniques?

Laser Dentistry Is Transforming Dental Practices

One of the most amazing inventions that is now being used by advanced dental providers is the laser. Lasers allow us to more precisely and rapidly perform procedures and deliver phenomenal patient results. At India Hook Dental Care, our team members have extensive training in the use of the BIOLASE WaterLase® MD™. This revolutionary piece of equipment gives us the ability to help people feel better about their dental health and smile.

If you are looking for a dentist in Rock Hill, SC, with a focus on laser dentistry, please call us at (803) 324-7640.

Laser Gum Surgery Offers No Pain, All Gain

Traditional gum surgery involves scalpels and sutures, and is known to lead to gum swelling and discomfort. Laser gum surgery is a fantastic alternative to the traditional method, offering a wide variety of benefits to those who prefer a dental procedure that is:

  • Pain-free with fewer anesthetic requirements
  • Easier on your body, thanks to less blood loss and less swollen soft tissues
  • Known for faster recovery times

Plus, when you get laser gum surgery, you can enjoy immediate results. It is the leading edge way to re-contour your gums.

Lasers Have Many Uses in Modern Dental Office

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Treat Ulcers and Cold Sores with Dental Lasers

Do you have cold sores, ulcers or other uncomfortable soft tissue lesions in your mouth? Our soft tissue laser can help treat these problems, leaving you feeling and looking better.

Are you seeking a dentist in Rock Hill, SC, with experience using dental lasers to treat patients of all ages? One call to our office is all you need to set up your first appointment at India Hook Dental Care.

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"I was very impressed with my first visit. Everything was explained in detail to me. I was comfortable and at ease with the friendly staff. I am happy that I was referred to India Hook and will refer others as well. Even though it's about 45 minutes away from where I live, it's worth the trip. I look forward to my next visit." -Kadian D.
"Coming into this office is more than "coming to the dentist". It is like walking into a family member's home whom you haven't seen for a while." -Lynne T.