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Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Laser Dentistry

More Precision Equals Better Results & Shorter Recovery with Advanced Dental Technology

advanced dental technology

Laser Dentistry

As a patient at India Hook Dental Care, you will notice right away that we use plenty of advanced dentistry tools and methods, including dental lasers. For instance, one of our favorite devices is the BIOLASE WaterLase® MD™. This handheld tool pulses rapidly, using the power of water and lasers to more precisely and efficiently produce patient results.

Rock Hill SC laser dentistry

3-D Imaging

Another pride of our office is the i-CAT® cone beam 3-D imaging machine. This system enables us to get a clearer view of what is happening in the teeth, gums and bones so we can take decisive, practical actions. In just a few moments, the i-CAT® machine gives us a thorough map of your mouth and jaw so we can more effectively make recommendations, place dental implants and complete assessments. img

Rock Hill dentist for obstructive sleep apnea

Sleep Medicine

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) occurs when the tongue and soft palate collapse onto the back of the throat, blocking air flow into the lungs. Lacking oxygen, the brain awakens the sleeping person to breathe (up to 300 times per night!), depriving the person of essential REM sleep and causing a list of problems associated with chronic lack of sleep. img

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