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Community Outreach

India Hook Full Circle

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India Hook Full Circle

Our humble roots were firmly planted upon soil rich in service back in 1972. The same folks that brought us here all those years ago are who we reconnected with to form our local outreach program. Since 2012, we have been privileged to serve our community by providing dental services to those in need. We have partnered with the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen to provide care one night every month. Since establishing this program, we have seen over 600 patients for emergency services, made countless relationships, and have become even more ingrained in our neighborhood. If you would like to be a part of the work we are doing please let us know! From serving with us on these nights to purchasing a toothbrush for someone, We have multiple ways you can help us serve our community.


Over the years, we’ve made some pretty great connections in Rock Hill. They inspire us here and beyond. Our partnership with The Center for Development in Central America began in 1999. From emergency treatment under make-shift shelters, to a brick and mortar clinic with a full-time dentist and hygienist, we have been a piece of their puzzle. Our work in Nicaragua is primarily at an urban area clinic and a very rural coffee coop. Bringing dental care to some of these unreached areas is a privilege to be a part of. It is amazing how each time we think we are serving people, we wind up being the ones being served. Our most recent fundraising effort has been specially designed t-shirts with proceeds going towards this group. If you would like to be a part of the work we are doing in Nicaragua, please let us know! We have multiple ways you can help us serve this area.

Community Events

We love our community. One of the benefits of having such an amazing group of 25 women on our team is that everyone has a heart for something different. Each month our team rotates who chooses our community outreach effort. Not only do we learn more about our community and ways we can help beyond that one time of service, but we learn more about each other. From serving dinner at The Haven Men’s Shelter to organizing a drive to donate to the local animal shelter, just another reason we have such an amazing team! If you would like to stay informed of our monthly outreach, please sign up for our newsletter!

Staff Development

At India Hook Dental Care, we pride ourselves on being a great team. We are always looking to improve ourselves and our relationships with each other. Not only do we learn more about ourselves, about each other, and about our work, but it enables us to better care for our patients. We have a full day of development four times a year. From fun days at Camp Canaan or Exit Strategy, to in-office training and continuing education, we are dedicated to growth.

Certified Green Business

Did you know we are a certified Clean City, Green City Business? We are dedicated to our part of reducing waste and energy consumption.