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GentleWave Procedure

The Root Canal Treatment That Promotes Pain-Free Fast Healing

Over one million patients have been treated with the GentleWave® Procedure… and counting! See what patients are saying about their experience.

Help Preserve Your Natural Tooth with the GentleWave® Procedure

Smile….it raises your face value!

The Minimally Invasive Root Canal Alternative

Root canal symptoms can be a pain. Choosing your root canal option doesn’t have to be.
The GentleWave® Procedure is redefining standard root canal treatment (RCT) with a minimally invasive root canal process that preserves tooth structure and promotes early healing.
There are challenges in root canal treatment beyond the reach of the most skilled hands. Our practice is now meeting these challenges like never before with the state-of-the-art endodontic technology of the GentleWave®Procedure.
The GentleWave Procedure is an innovative, modern and minimally invasive root canal technology that elevates the cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system. With the GentleWave Procedure, we can typically clean and fill the tooth in just one appointment with a procedure that reduces post-op pain and delivers fast healing for patients.

How Does the GentleWave® Procedure Differ from Other Root Canal Options?

When it comes to a root canal, patients have options. Each one unique in its offerings. Read what helps the GentleWave Procedure clean differently.
Requires a small hole to be drilled into the tooth’s biting surface to gain access to the tooth’s root canal system inside.
Combines a proprietary mix of multisonic energy and vortical flow to clean the smallest and most remote parts of the root canal system, leading to a very clean root canal system and less chance of needing retreatment.
Designed to be a minimally invasive treatment that offers improved outcomes and promotes pain-free fast healing. 96.6% of patients report mild to no pain after the procedure.
Over 92% of patients can finish treatment in just one session, giving time back into busy schedules.
Promotes dentin preservation of the tooth, which helps to maintain the tooth’s integrity and keeps the natural tooth stronger.
Because the technology creates negative pressure at the root end, the fluids inside the tooth are contained to the root canal system, preventing fluids from escaping into and irritating the tissue surrounding the tooth.
Requires that after cleaning, the treated root canal system is filled to prevent reinfection.
GentleWave ProcedureOther root canal options
Requires tooth access to prepare for treatment
Superior cleaning of complex anatomy
Designed for patient comfort
One-visit procedure
Saves natural tooth structure
Revolutionary approach to safety
Requires the root canal system to be filled

The GentleWave® System

India Hook Dental is the first (and right now) the only general dentist in the Carolinas to use GentleWave® Procedure.
Our practice takes pride in offering our patients the most innovative and effective treatment options. If you need a root canal, contact our office today to learn more about the GentleWave Procedure.
of patients report mild to no pain within 48 hours
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Of patients treated in single-visit appointments
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healing rate at 12 months
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Sonendo’s Flagship Innovation

The GentleWave® System is an advanced endodontic platform that delivers superior cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system with minimal instrumentation. Offering a less invasive alternative to conventional root canal treatment, the GentleWave System helps doctors preserve more tooth structure1, leading to reduced post-op pain1 and fast healing1 for patients.

GentleWave® Mechanism of Action

The GentleWave System mechanism of action uses a combination of advanced fluid dynamics and broad-spectrum acoustic energy to clean the complex anatomy of the root canal system.
GentleWave Procedure fluids undergo a proprietary degassing process that ensures an unobstructed flow into the tooth. As fluids enter the procedure instrument, fluid dynamics and acoustic energy are induced to create a vortical flow that propels fluids throughout the root canal system to provide tissue debridement, dissolution and disinfection.

Sonendo’s Flagship Innovation

The CleanFlow™ procedure instrument is the latest in GentleWave technology and is an industry-first innovation that cleans and disinfects root canal anatomy from outside of the tooth.
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