How Does Zoom! Whitening Work?

How Does Zoom! Whitening Work?

No matter how much you invest in your dental health, discolored teeth point to poor oral hygiene. The good thing is that today you can quickly improve the quality and appearance of your teeth through quick and straightforward procedures that 100 percent safe. These procedures are highly advanced and streamlined to make sure you get the best results. One of these practices is Zoom! teeth whitening. Zoom! is a dental cosmetic procedure that uses varnish and protective sealants to whiten the teeth. But before you rush to your dentist and demand for Zoom! in-office whitening, you need to understand how it works and what to expect from it. 

Zoom! teeth whitening involves these four simple steps:

  • Prepping of your mouth and gums by the dentist.
  • Application of a thin layer of teeth whitening varnish to each tooth. This varnish dries almost immediately.
  • Application of a layer of protective sealant to prevent your mouth from sensitivity.
  • Brushing off of the dried varnish 30 minutes after its application.

The good thing about this procedure is that it is nonintrusive. Therefore, you can resume your normal activities immediately after leaving the dentist’s chair. That is why we consider it in-office teeth whitening. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing Zoom! teeth whitening procedure.


This procedure is remarkably fast as it only takes less than an hour to complete. Unlike other dental procedures that take up an entire day, if not days, Zoom! leaves you with enough time to do other things. You can undergo the producer during your lunch break and go back to work as if nothing has happened. 


Some of the traditional teeth whitening methods, such as laser whitening, are known to cause unintended injuries and infections after the operation. For instance, they expose the patient to harmful infrared light that emits dangerous UVA and UVB rays. But with Zoom! you are 100 percent safe because the procedure doesn’t use any harmful rays. During a Zoom! teeth whitening session, everything else is covered apart from your teeth. 


Zoom! is a nearly pain-free teeth whitening procedure. You won’t require bed rest or recovery time. However, you might experience mild tooth sensitivity during the operation. But this sensitivity goes away immediately after the procedure. Finally, Zoom! in-office whitening offers instant results that last longer than those obtained from most teeth whitening products on the market today. 

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