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Rock Hill Laser Dentistry

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!
Does your dentist in Rock Hill, SC, have expertise with laser gum surgery and other laser dentistry techniques?
One of the most amazing inventions that is now being used by advanced dental providers is the laser. Lasers allow us to more precisely and rapidly perform procedures and deliver phenomenal patient results. At India Hook Dental Care, our team members have extensive training in the use of the BIOLASE WaterLase® MD™. This revolutionary piece of equipment gives us the ability to help people feel better about their dental health and smile.
If you are looking for a dentist in Rock Hill, SC, with a focus on laser dentistry, please call us at (803) 324-7640.
Laser Gum Surgery Offers No Pain, All Gain
Traditional gum surgery involves scalpels and sutures, and is known to lead to gum swelling and discomfort. Laser gum surgery is a fantastic alternative to the traditional method, offering a wide variety of benefits to those who prefer a dental procedure that is:
  • Pain-free with fewer anesthetic requirements
  • Easier on your body, thanks to less blood loss and less swollen soft tissues
  • Known for faster recovery times
Dental anxiety, whether mild or severe, can prevent patients of all ages from taking a proactive approach to receiving dental care. Waterlase MD works without heat, vibration, and drilling to provide a minimally invasive, precise, comfortable alternative to traditional treatments.
The Waterlase MD utilizes advanced laser technology to:
  • Help reduce patient anxiety
  • Provide minimally invasive restorations
  • Significantly reduce the need for retreatment
  • Comfortably prepare patients for fillings, root canals, and cosmetic treatment
  • Provide treatment using less anesthesia
  • Reduce bleeding, post-operative swelling, or pain after treatment
  • Provide a more efficient treatment in less time
Laser dentistry has revolutionized the way patients receive dental treatment. The Waterlase MD uses the high-tech combination of YSGG (yttrium-scandium-gallium-garnet) laser energy and water to provide a more comfortable dental experience with lasting results.
The Waterlase MD is so precise that your doctor is able to perform restorations to the teeth, gum, and bones without causing damage to surrounding areas in the mouth.
The Waterlase MD is safe and effective. First approved for use in 1998, the Waterlase MD is now used by dentists around the world to deliver accurate, comfortable treatments that meet the needs of patients of all ages.
If you’d like to learn more about Waterlase treatment, or find out if this is the right treatment for you, please contact our practice and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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