Managing The Cost Of Your Family’s Dental Care


Managing The Cost Of Your Family’s Dental Care

Parents, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Your happy playful child suddenly turns into screams and tearful pleas trying to tell you what went wrong. Those baby teeth were supposed to fall out, but not yet!

At your next regular visit, your dentist tells you that you have a cavity, one that may impact your ability to chew and eat foods without pain in the future. Oh, and all that red wine, coffee, tea & seltzer water is not helping either! They clean your teeth and refer you to a cosmetic dentist for the crowns you may have to get. All this dental work is getting complicated.

In today’s world, nothing can be more stressful than dealing with the various dental needs you and your family may have. Sending your child to one pediatric dentist on one side of town, then running over to the orthodontist and your own general dentist for various work may seem like it’s more time, money and frustration than it’s worth.

Then There’s Dental Insurance To Complicate Things

Providing for your family’s dental needs often means breaking the piggy bank.

Then there’s the dental insurance and the ever-shrinking pool of in-network providers. Even if you have dental insurance through an employer, the coverage network seems more limited each year, and none of those dentists seem to have much time for any one patient anymore. Also, 43% of the time, you’ll get a bill anyway, even though you used insurance, you apparently didn’t jump through all the hoops correctly. That’s because some insurance providers reimburse patients directly and some reimburse your dentist office directly. You rack up dozens of calls and hours of your time between your dentist and insurance provider trying to sort out the bills. Anyone who has been through this experience knows it’s a complicated mess.

Luckily there is a way to manage your family’s dental needs an easier way.

India Hook Dental offers a way to keep the ongoing costs of dental health manageable & predictable while offering a holistically better experience at our Rock Hill dentist’s office. We call it our Dental Wellness Plan. There are 4 different plans for: 1) children, 2) teens/adults, 3) seniors, and 4) adults or seniors with periodontal needs – targeting their different dental needs, with low monthly & annual payment options available. Think of it as a subscription plan for your family’s teeth.

With one low monthly payment, you can get all the dental work needed for your entire family in one spot and completely avoid insurance headaches. For self-pay patients and those without dental insurance, this option is often the very best out there for on-going cleanings and maintenance.

Rethink What Going To The Dentist Could Be Like

Take a second to think about how great it would be to drive to one conveniently located Rock Hill location and have all you family’s dental needs fulfilled, without the headache of complicated insurance claims, and on a predictable payment plan. A place where the staff knows & cares about you and your family. Someone you can call on for all those dental ’emergencies’ all parents know to well.

Give India Hook Dental Care a call today to schedule your first visit with us and experience a different type of family dental care in Rock Hill, SC.

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