Meet Dr. Lauren Smith

I have always had a strong need to help others. Since I was a child I knew that I wanted to work in healthcare; when I was 13 I decided I wanted to be a dentist. I believe that as a dentist it is not only my job to keep a person’s smile healthy, but to be compassionate and caring in the process.

I love making people smile and feel confident in their smile. I love changing a person’s outlook on dentistry and helping a phobic person feel comfortable and safe while here. I love to make a child’s first impression of coming to the dentist a positive one, and watching that child mature into a person who looks forward to seeing me.

Every day at the office is different. No tooth or person is the same. This makes my profession interesting and keeps me on my toes: I’m constantly learning and having to take on new challenges.

Every year I choose to exceed the minimum requirements for continuing education. I feel it is essential to be a well-rounded practitioner who is up-to-date on the most current techniques and technologies. I strive to provide the best possible care for my patients and know this can only be achieved by continually learning.

I’m currently enrolled in the Dawson Academy, taking courses on TMJ and occlusion. I love that I’m learning how to treat both simple and complex cases in a predictable manner.