National Taffy Day: How to Prevent Sticky Treats from Ruining Your Oral Health

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National Taffy Day: How to Prevent Sticky Treats from Ruining Your Oral Health

May 23rd is National Taffy Day, but before you enjoy this unique candy, consider the potential complications to your oral health. Taffy and other sticky or chewy candies can cause problems with your teeth and gums, including cavities, TMJ, and inflammation of the gum tissue. If you are having dental issues, it is important to contact one of the experts at India Hook Dental right away to treat the condition before it worsens. Once your teeth and gums are healthy again, our dentists can help you make good food choices to ensure continued oral health.

Chewy Candy and Dental Issues

While you might enjoy a taffy or fruit chew every once in awhile, it is not a good idea to make these sweets a regular part of your diet. The high sugar content can increase the harmful bacteria in your mouth, leading to gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay. Additionally, chewy candies can become stuck in between your teeth and lead to misalignment and TMJ pain. Chewy candy can even pull fillings out of your teeth, which can be extremely painful and disruptive.

Healthier Treats for Your Teeth

If you want to enjoy an occasional treat without risking your oral health, there are some better alternatives to taffy and other sticky candies. Fresh fruit has much less sugar than fruit-flavored candy, and also include nutrients that can strengthen teeth and gums. Dark chocolate is another good treat that is unlikely to get stuck in your teeth. It has less sugar than most candies and it also includes antioxidants that can improve your health.

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Proper oral hygiene along with regular visits to the dentist can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. If you are looking for a reliable provider of family dentistry, give us a call today. The expert staff at India Hook Dental can diagnose and treat your existing issues and help you learn how to maintain good oral health through proper hygiene and diet.

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