Sedation Dentistry

At India Hook Dental Care in Rock Hill, SC, we practice safe, effective sedation dentistry for the benefit of patients with dental fear

Learn How Sedation Dentistry Can Benefit You

Are you one of the estimated 9-15 percent of people in the United States who fears going to the dentist? We see patients regularly who exhibit anxiety related to coming to the dentist. That is the reason we have such a strong focus on sedation dentistry at India Hook Dental Care.

Sedation dentistry allows you to comfortably and securely get the dental treatments you need, from basic cleanings to advanced procedures. We specialize in working with your unique situation to ensure that your comfort is maintained from the moment you enter our doors until the time you leave.

Some of the most frequently requested sedation dentistry methods we use include:

Local Anesthetic – Local anesthetic is given via needle into the area of the mouth where the dentist or hygienist will be working. Before the needle is inserted into the soft tissues, a numbing agent is applied to reduce sensation.

Oral Sedation – These medications give a feeling of calmness, allowing you to relax throughout your visit at our beautiful Rock Hill, SC, facility. If you choose oral sedation, you will need a driver to bring you to your appointment and take you home.

Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide is called “laughing gas” because of its effect on the body. Once inhaled through a special mask, it creates extreme relaxation. Nitrous oxide wears off almost immediately after the mask has been removed.

IV Sedation – IV sedation is an excellent choice for more serious dental anxiety, or when extensive dental procedures need to be performed. You will need a driver if you opt for IV sedation.